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Pointing Your Domain to Beyond Indigo Servers

When you launch a new website with Beyond Indigo, we will need to point your domain (i.e. animalhospital.com) to our servers.  This is done through your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Register.com, Enom, for example)  Your registrar is where you purchase and maintain your domain ownership.

Beyond Indigo never owns or manages client domains. You have complete ownership of your domain name, and you should always ensure that it is renewed and that the information at your registrar is correct. Beyond Indigo does not monitor domain names for renewal, but if your information is updated you will get many (many, many) notices to renew. Most registrars also have an auto-renewal option.

 Your domain is a valuable business asset. Please make sure that you have the account information written down in a secure location in case you need it. If the information at your registrar is outdated - an old email address, or a contact who is no longer with your practice - you should update it with the correct information. We suggest that you use more than one email address on the different types of contact so that if one fails, you'll have a backup.

When we point a website to our domain, there are two options:

1. Beyond Indigo will point your domain to our nameservers and manage all of your DNS records. This is the option most customers choose. In this case, Beyond Indigo will manage all the records needed to tell the internet where to find your website and your email.  

To use this option, either give Beyond Indigo your login information so we can make all of the necessary changes or change the nameservers yourself at your registrar. Please ask your Project Manager for the nameserver information if you are changing it yourself.

2. You can elect to manage your own DNS records. In that case, simply point the WWW records to our server. Your Project Manager can give you the correct IP address.

What if I don't own my domain?

In some cases, a practice may not own its own domain name. Perhaps your former website provider purchased the domain for you, or a former owner or staff member controls the domain.  In that case, you will need to get the domain transferred to your ownership. The existing owner must agree to the transfer, so it's best to work that out well before you want your new website to go live. Reputable website developers who own a client domain will transfer it to the client at no charge and will assist with the transfer.

Make sure that the domain information for the existing domain is correct before you begin the transfer process, as there will be some verifications that need to take place that require the cooperation of the existing owner. 

To accept the transfer, you'll need to have your own account at the domain registrar. Your current web provider may suggest that you use whichever registrar the domain is on currently.  If no recommendation is made, we suggest that you use GoDaddy (You can start that process at https://sso.godaddy.com/account/create).

Once you have a new account with GoDaddy created, then there is a process to start with transfer the domain to you. GoDaddy has excellent instructions on their website for this process:


If you have any questions about transferring your domain or pointing it to Beyond Indigo servers, please don't hesitate to ask your Project Manager or submit a help desk ticket.

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