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Extra Google My Business Pages - Why are they there and what should I do about them?

Where did the extra pages come from?

Duplicate Google My Business listings can occur for multiple reasons and have the potential to be a problem when it comes to your business appearing in search results. Listings can be created by anyone, which is often why duplicates occur. The name could be spelled a little differently, a phone number could be missing or incorrect, or a listing can be created under a veterinarian's name instead of the name of the practice.

Some specific issues duplicates can cause are confusion for potential consumers (which can result in loss of traffic and revenue), or they can disrupt your ranking strength by dividing reviews among the listings instead of being concentrated in one authoritative listing.


What should you do about the extra pages?

Having multiple Google pages can negatively impact your Search Engine Optimization if they are not correctly handled. There are two steps for addressing the extra pages.

You must first claim and verify that you are the business owner of the listing. Once that is done and you are logged into Google My Business, in your “Account Summary,” click “Duplicate Locations.” Then click the location(s) you want to remove and click “Delete This Listing.” If you’re removing multiple locations, click on the three-dotted menu icon and choose the “Remove” option.

A duplicate listing can affect your Google Maps business ranking, so you should resolve that as well. To do this, open Google Maps, then find the location you want to report. Click “Suggest an edit,” and then mark the location as “Place is permanently closed or has never existed,” and write “Duplicate” as the reason for the edit. At that point, you can submit the changes and the duplicate(s) should be removed.

If you are need assistance claiming and updating your business listings on Google or any of the other major search engines, you may benefit from our SEO marketing. Contact our Director of SEO, Theresa Greenwood, for more information. theresa@beyondindigo.com.com.

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