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Promotions/Coupons/Specials Tool - Why am I only seeing ONE Special?

The Specials Tool is your Tool for creating Specials, Coupons and other Promotions.  You access this Tool through your Admin panel interface.  If you are correctly submitting more than one Special and it is not being displayed on your website, then your configuration might be set to the default which would display only one Special and ignore all others that are submitted.

If you want to have more than one Special displayed at a time, it's a simple fix.  Just submit a Help Desk ticket and ask that you have multiple Specials displayed.

You can also request to have the Specials displayed on the Home Page.  Here is an example of a website that has a direct link from their Home Page to the Specials they create using their Specials Tool:  PMC - Chatoak

If you don't have the Specials Tool, you can request that it be installed on your website.  All Tools are free.  Just send in a Help Desk request asking to install the Tool of your choice.

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