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Testing your page load times

There are many freely available online page speed testing sites.  However, it is important to note that when conducting page speed tests this is not the same as utilizing highly developed performance, load, or stress testing software tools to accurately gauge the performance of your website.  Many factors are involved in performance testing websites - the server, the connection, the client, etc. Measuring a simple page load time utilizing an online PageSpeed site does not necessarily provide the best or most accurate information.

Google PageSpeed Insight Test is one test that scores one aspect of your website. In reality, a website is a system that is balanced. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when building a website to maintain the balance—just like maintaining the balance of an animal. Everything affects everything else. 

Our Production, Technical, and Customer Support staff members are always working toward improving server response time, the speed of website content across all platforms, and the ability for you to make changes to your site that improve the overall delivery of information to your clients. One of the aspects of deliverability that is often overlooked is SEO. We strongly suggest to all our clients that you enroll in our SEO program to help keep your site up to date every single month with Google changes. This keeps your website current ongoing. In this program, we make changes to your website and send you reports each month.

If you think you are experiencing problems with page load times, please let us know.  A good way to test this is to ensure that page load times remains constant no matter what network you are connected to. If you find that your page(s) are loading very slowly from your office network, home computer, and mobile device then there is most likely an issue. If, however, you are experiencing slow load times from just one network, then it may be a network issue. 


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