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How Beyond Indigo is Different From Third Party Review Services

We find that clients considering third party services are most interested in two of their services:

  • online Appointment Scheduling and,
  • generating Reviews.

It is in your best interests to understand how our services impact your practice now and in the future.

Schedule an Appointment

It is definitely an advantage to offer your clients the ability to schedule an appointment through your website. Today’s families are busy and the convenience of scheduling when they have a few moments can make the difference between them scheduling with you or with your competitor.

This is why Beyond Indigo offers this add on to your website for free. You do not need to pay someone to do this for you. Simply Submit a Ticket to the Help Desk that you wish to add this to your website.

An example of our Schedule an Appointment service can be found here: http://www.columbiapikeanimalh.com/forms/appointment.html

For as long as you have your website, this service remains in place at no charge.

Online Reviews

The difference between how many third party review services handle online reviews and how Beyond Indigo handles reviews is perhaps the most significant of differences.

  • Reviews generated through our ORM Program are posted on all of the major review websites directly by your clients. On other review services, reviews are posted on their website and as third party reviews. This means that reviews written are seen if clients go to the review service's website or if they find the reviews on your website or Facebook page. Beyond Indigo’s reviews are seen by prospective clients who don’t know about your website or Facebook page as well as by your existing clients thus significantly increasing your marketing exposure.
  • Beyond Indigo’s ORM Program results in organic reviews posted directly on Google, the industry leader of search engines, while some third party service reviews appear organically on Bing, a minor player among search engines. There was a time when reviews could be anonymously posted on other review websites, but now sites like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and the vast majority of others, require reviewers to create an account and sign in before being able to post. Beyond Indigo helps you get your clients to post directly to the web.
  • Reviews generated through Beyond Indigo’s program are yours forever. When a practice leaves the third party review service, the reviews they generated are no longer available through the practice's website or Facebook page and may be removed from any other data feeds at the third party review service's discretion.

Beyond Indigo’s additional ORM services:

  • Establishing your hospital’s presence on all of the major review websites.
  • Ongoing monitoring for new reviews
  • Personal assistance in responding both to negative and positive reviews.
  • Staff development training
  • Email campaigning
  • Print promotional and training materials
  • Ongoing consultation support


In short, Beyond Indigo’s focus is in empowering you to have a strong online presence, a solid online reputation, and the ability to use the feedback your clients are providing to improve your practice and strengthen client relationships.

If you have additional questions about our ORM Program, please reach out through our Help Desk.



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