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Help! My Website is Down!

There may be a simple solution to why you can't see your website. If you try the below actions and there is still an issue, please contact the Help Desk immediately by either submitting a new ticket, or emailing help@beyondindigo.com.

Our server firewall automatically blocks IP addresses (the internet address of your computer network) that attempt to access accounts with the wrong password repeatedly and in quick succession, a common footprint of hackers.

What to do if you are blocked
  1. Check our online help desk to see if the problem is on our servers. We post outage notifications there.
  2. If there is no outage, remember, your site is still up and accessible to your customers. It's only your IP address that is blocked.
  3. Find your IP address. The easiest way to do that is to go to IPMonkey and copy your address from the front page. Rarely, you may also have a proxy listed just below the IP address. If so, copy that too.
  4. The fastest and most reliable way to get help is to submit an urgent ticket via our online Help Desk and include this IP address. We'll add you to our server's "good guy" list so you won't be blocked by future attempts. You can also call (877) 244-9322 x 308 for assistance after you have your IP address.
  5. Your IP address can, and probably will, change from time to time because most networks use a dynamic system. If you find yourself blocked again, simply repeat the process.

We can't proactively add you to our "good guy" list (called whitelisting) because we have no way of tracking changing IP addresses, but, if you know you have a fixed IP address that won't change, you can submit it to our Help Desk for whitelisting in advance.


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