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Beyond Indigo is a Google Partner

Beyond Indigo has been a Google Partner since March 2016.

A digital marketing agency can only become a Google Partner by having at least one of their employees certified in Google Ads, Google’s paid advertising platform. We go beyond this, as all of our Google Ads Analysts are certified in Google Ads. 

In order to keep their Partner status, agencies must maintain a high level ad performance for their Google Ads clients. By achieving and maintaining Partner status since 2016, Beyond Indigo has proven itself as a top provider of digital marketing services in the veterinary vertical. 

What is a Google Partner? 

Google Partner is a status awarded to digital marketing agencies that demonstrate knowledge and application of Google Ads best practices. 

Current Google Partner accreditation requires marketing agencies to have their client’s accounts audited over several months to prove they are utilizing all the recommended tools to best spend their client’s budget. If an agency fails to meet Google’s performance requirements of great ad revenue and growth, they lose their Partner status. 

What Does This Mean?

From the onset, our clients will be provided the highest level of service imaginable. From the minute that they sign their contracts they will be provided with a proven, Google-approved process for building, growing, and maintaining a high functioning online advertising campaign designed for success. 

Addressing the Gaps?

Google Ads, as an online marketing platform, is one of the very best ways to round out a veterinary marketing plan. Most marketing plans have gaps, and Google Ads addresses those gaps immediately, be it neglecting to mention services in an ad, having a low Google visibility,  or simply rolling out a new service.

Google Ads is versatile. It can be used to spread massive awareness of your brand to local pet owners through image ads, and show your hospital’s name and contact information to pet owners at the very moment they’re searching for a veterinarian. When set up and managed properly, this advertising platform can be a new client acquisition machine.

If you are struggling to market your practice online, let the Google approved team at Beyond Indigo be your guide. Contact us for a free consultation.

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