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As we adjust to the new reality thrust upon us by COVID-19, we here at Beyond Indigo Pets are ready to help. Because things are changing quickly, it is important to deliver a clear and accurate message to pet owners, especially in an environment of chaos and uncertainty. This helps you and your clients choose empowerment, not helplessness. And, businesses that keep connection (and marketing) during a crisis recover faster once it is over. For example, it is easier to stay in a good position on Google than it is to rebuild from scratch months later.

Many of you are, or may soon be, affected by quarantines, lockdowns, or other restrictions. We know that most of your time is consumed by managing your business and taking care of pets. Our goal is to help you have one less thing to worry about as we work on your messaging.

  • Keeping Connected: Things are chaotic and misinformation spreads like wildfire, and we want you to be one of the trusted sources for pet health in your area. And, let’s face it, pet owners in your area may have more free time on their hands as they are social distancing and more tuned in to social media. To help you and your clients stay connected and properly informed during these trying times, our digital marketing services will:
    • Create positive ways for you to engage with your clients and pet owners in your area on a variety of digital marketing platforms. 
    • Keep Google My Business updated as the status of your business changes—hours of operation, open/closed, pickup and telemedicine options, and any restricted procedures. This is one of the first places your clients will look for this information.
    • Quickly get the message out about how people can reach you if you have a new venue for pet health care, including telehealth or video conferencing. 
    • Help you do FaceBook Live events to stay in front of your pet parents. 
  • Drip on the Stone: When humans are panicked we tend not to listen or absorb everything we have heard. This means that a message needs to be given over and over and over again. Our job is to find options to repeat your message in ways that are both clear and engaging, using the most appropriate digital marketing platforms for your practice. 
    • Create ongoing messaging on how your practice can help your client’s pets, and step-by-step directions on how they can get that help. Examples include telehealth, drug delivery programs, text and email messaging, curbside pickups, emergency boarding, etc.
    • Create ongoing marketing campaigns about home healthcare, per your input, for the appropriate digital marketing platforms for your brand. 
    • Send email blasts for you at no additional charge to allow you to get in touch with your clients. You just need to give us a list of email addresses and we’ll do the heavy lifting. 
  • Websites: We are fully expecting your pet owners to be looking for information about their pet’s health and their favorite veterinary hospital. Keeping your website updated during this time is important so that pet owners know that you are open for business and on top of the crisis. People come to their veterinarian’s website looking for ways to connect with you or gain health information about their pet. 
    • Update your website promptly with any hours changes, closures, or process changes.
    • Add a pop-up announcement tool that can be edited by you, upon request.
    • Keep updating your website via Helpdesk tickets in a timeframe that triages the urgency of requests. 
    • Add additional information or a pop-up announcement to tell people how to get in touch with you, or about any alerts in your area

Today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future we are leaning into this crisis to help you help pet owners. We got this. Plan on hearing from us consistently during COVID-19. 

Kelly Baltzell, CEO & Founder

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