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Moving to GSuite

Many customers have asked us how to move their email to a GSuite account.  Below, please find instructions.  We can assist with GSuite moves, so don't hesitate to submit a ticket if you need help. If you are moving to Office 365 or another Microsoft product, your IT person is the best source of assistance. 

Note: Moving your email to GSuite does not affect your website or your website services with Beyond Indigo. Your email will still come from your domain.

1. Sign up for GSuite

Go to https://gsuite.google.com/  where you can see all of the features of a GSuite account for your practice.  Just hit the "Get Started" link and answer the questions about your business. Set up your first email account which will be the admin. We suggest a generic account like info@ since others may have to access it from time to time. 

Once you have signed up, we'll need to help you verify the domain by adding records to your account.  You can submit a help desk ticket with the new login information and we'll take care of authorizing the domain and switching the mail records. Don't add any additional security on the login yet or else we won't be able to get in. You'll be able to add extra security later if you wish.

If you would like to set up an appointment for us to walk you through the process yourself, just submit a ticket to let us know.

Note:  You can sign up for a trial account which will let you bring over up to 10 email accounts, then pay when the trial is over. If you want to move more than 10 accounts, you'll need to pay beforehand.  When you pay, it will default to the Business Account which is $12 per email per month, but you can switch over to the Basic Account at $6 per email per month and is sufficient for the needs of most practices.  See the features on the GSuite page to help with your decision.

2. Add Email addresses to GSuite

 Before you start, it's best to get a list of all of the accounts you currently have on our server, and decide if you wish to keep all of them going forward.

We can do this step for you if you like, or you can do it yourself. It can be done before you contact us to verify your domain as outlined in Step 1 above.

When we add emails, a temporary password is set, and the information emailed to an alternate address. We suggest that you use one email that is not on your domain to send this information to so that there is no delay in receiving it while you are making this transition. 

When you add the new emails, we suggest you create all the emails with one general password, and prompt users to change it on their first login.  There is no need to change the email address itself.  If your current email is janedoe@vetpractice.com you'll want to create the same one on GSuite. 

3. Notify us so that we can verify your domain and switch over your email records. 

4.  Getting your email once we've switched the records.  

Once we switch your mail records, your email will come to the newly created one on GSuite. The new records make take a few minutes to populate. 

You'll access your new email account like any Gmail account at gmail.com.  If staff get mail on their desktop or phone, they will need to make a new account for their new Gmail.  They can add it as a new Google/Gmail account on all phones by selecting it from the list.

If staff primarily gets email on their desktop via a mail client like Mac Mail or Outlook,  there's no real need to transfer the email over since it's already on their desktop. 

If they use webmail exclusively, we can transfer the mail to their new Gmail using the GSuite data transfer tool.  Let us know if you'd like to do that transfer for any or all accounts.

Users will still be able to see their old email at webmail.yourdomain.com  (use your domain) by logging in with their email address and their OLD (pre-GMail) password.  They can forward individual emails to their new account. We'll leave the old mail up for about a week to facilitate the transition.

This is simpler than it sounds here. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our help desk.

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