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Email Service Outage September 3

Early on the morning of September 3, two compromised customer email addresses began sending large amounts of spam.  We suspended the account in question so as to contain the problem, and were successful in continuing website and email service for other customers on the server.  

The issue resulted, however, in a massive amount of emails stuck in our delivery queue. We limit how many emails can be sent out per hour, so these were just sitting in the queue, slowing down email performance for the entire server.

In order to clean the spam out of the queue, we had to shut down the email server for approximately 3 hours, from 2-5 PM CDT on Monday, September 3 while we removed the problem emails.  (When there is a large amount os spam, the process of deleting is very slow.)  During that time, you may have noticed that your email would not connect. No email went in or out of the server during the shutdown period. 

We took care to only delete email sent from the compromised accounts, but it is always possible that a small amount of other outgoing emails could have been deleted in the process. You may want to consider resending important emails sent during that period.  

While the email service was shut down, others were not able to email your accounts. Senders got a notice that the email did not go through. Since the shutdown time was short, most systems will resend the email, but you may also want to check important incoming mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  This is also a reminder to check your and your employees' email passwords to make sure they are secure. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us or submit a help desk ticket.



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