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Help Desk Staffing Changes

It is with mixed emotions (happiness for her, sadness for us), that I must let you know that as of August 28th, Noelle Beaudin, our Help Desk Manager, will no longer be working with Beyond Indigo. We’ll miss Noelle deeply, and we know you will too. We wish her well on her next adventure.
Many of you already know Tom Robinson well from his years working with you on the Help Desk, and we’re excited to have him move into the primary Help Desk Manager role. Tom will be joined by Scott Kiefner, who has been our Help Desk and Quality Assurance Assistant. You remain in their excellent hands. 
The Help Desk submission process will stay exactly the same, with tickets submitted through the form located at help.beyondindigo.com
We look forward to continuing to serve you. 
A note from Noelle: Goodbye everyone!  It's been a great 6 years working here at Beyond Indigo as Help Desk Manager. As you all know, being Help Desk Manager is an interesting job.  I "help" our clients with everything from technical questions to simple opinions and in some cases even personal advice!  But the main thing I learned is that HELP is really the key word.  On the Help Desk, you learned to trust me, to confide in me and to let me help you get to whatever better place you or your business needed to be in.  Now, it's time for me to move on.  I'm taking that skill I have and using it full time now to help young pianists, vocalists, and musicians realize their full potential.  There's too many things going on in this World now that limit the ability for our youth to express themselves creatively, and I mean to change that.  My work as a pianist, choral conductor, and music teacher has always taken a secondary role to my job as Help Desk Manager, but now that Tom Robinson is fully on board in his position with the Help Desk I feel that I can leave you all in good hands. ;-)  Good luck!
Thank you!
Elyse Phillips
Director of Client Services
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 x314
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