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How to embed a Flickr Album on your website

Flickr is an example of an image hosting website that provides a tool that allows you to embed photo books/albums on your website.  If you are interested in having control over what photos you publish to your website, embedding a Flickr album is a good option.  All it takes is:

1. You create the Flickr Album

2. You provide us with the embed code

3. You Submit a Help Desk request for the Help Desk to create a new page (with title and other information) to embed the Flickr Album on.

If you do not know where to grab the embed code from, here is a simple guide.

Make sure you have created an album that is "Public".

Hover over the Album and the "Share" icon (the arrow) will appear.

Click on the Share icon and it will bring you to the Embed code page.  Simply copy the embed code and send it to the Help Desk.  Medium size is usually the best option.

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