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How to Transfer your Domain Name to Beyond Indigo

If you are in the initial phase of setting up a website with Beyond Indigo, you'll need to eventually ensure that you have access to your domain name (i.e. animalhospital.com).  This does not mean that Beyond Indigo will OWN your domain - you will always have complete ownership of your domain name, and you should also ensure that it is renewed yearly (there are associated fees for that which you must take care of yourself). 

However, in order for Beyond Indigo to host your website and/or host your email, we will need to ensure that we have access to your domain.  If you previously had a website with another provider, such as Lifelearn, they may have set up your domain name for you and may own it.  As a result, transfer of ownership is necessary.

You may or may not have GoDaddy account right now so what we suggest is setting one up for the hospital (You can start that process at https://sso.godaddy.com/account/create).

Once you have a new account with GoDaddy created, then there is a process to start with transfer the domain to you. GoDaddy has excellent instructions on their website for this process:


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