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How to Read Trend Analysis in Your Online Review Dashboard

If you are an Online Reputation Management (ORM) customer, you have probably noticed that your review dashboard now includes a visual trend analysis. 


Trending analysis provides visual patterns from the unstructured data found in individual review texts.  Important words and phrases are identified and correlated to the sentiment of the reviews where they are found to create a concise visual picture which lets businesses see at a glance what customers like and don’t like about their practices.  Trending analysis takes you beyond the star rating to add dimension to what your customers are experiencing with your practice.

If a particular staff person, service or office function consistently shows up in the trend analysis, it provides an opportunity for corrective action and more positive reviews.  This feature is even more powerful for multi-site practices because sites can be grouped in a number of ways to allow for more detailed analysis.  

Here is how it works:  The software uses a language algorithm to scan the text of all of your reviews from all of your sources within the specified time period, and intuit the feelings of customers when they are using the term.  The size of the circle (and number) indicate the frequency of the keyword.  The color of the circle indicates the “temperature” of customer sentiment, from dark green for positive through deep red for negative. The circle color does not correspond to a star rating, nor do the number of instances of a keyword correlate with the number of reviews that mention it.  

For example, a 4-star review might rave about the care a veterinarian provided a sick pet, but mention that the front desk staff were rude.  Or, a single review might mention the front desk three different times.  In each of those cases, the keyword and the sentiment around it would be figured into the trend analysis.

If you have any questions about this or any other feature of your online review dashboard, please contact Alicia Klein at alicia@beyondindigo.com If you would like to find out how you can monitor your reviews online, contact Melissa Neff at melissa@beyondindigo.com

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