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Changes in Google+ Reviews

Google+ has made some significant changes to their reviews system.  If you manage your own Google+ reviews then you may notice that the existing link no longer works.  That is because Google+ is moving the link that allows you to leave a review from G+ to Google Maps.  Google is hoping that this effort will increase the synergy between Maps, Reviews, and Search.

1. ORM services Have updated your links

If Beyond Indigo manages your Reviews (you have ORM services with us) then we have already updated your G+ review links for you.

2. Self-managed ORM

Your first priority if you manage your own G+ page and reviews is to create an updated G+ reviews link.  Google has published step-by-step directions on how to create that link here:


3. More information on the topic

Here is an excellent article that explains the background on why Google+ made the changes and how it will affect your business listings and reviews moving forward.


Here is an excellent article on how to get the new Google Review links and how the G+ framework is now being updated without the reviews. It also has an easier version of the G+ new link generator available.


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