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Using Webmail for Email Hosted by Beyond Indigo

If you host your email with Beyond Indigo, we provide access to a Webmail account for each email address that you create with us.

Webmail allows the users to access their emails as long as they have access to an Internet connection and a web browser. Because they rely on a live connection, webmail accounts do not allow for offline use.  
Note:  We strongly suggest that you also download your email to your desktop/mobile using a mail client like Outlook or Mac Mail and not rely solely on webmail for all of your mail storage.  Server outages which require a reload of a backup are rare, but if they do happen, any email since the backup will be lost. We are not able to recover email lost in the fashion, so urge you to make your own local backups.
To access your email via Webmail all you need to do is enter this URL into your browser:
and then you will need to enter your:
username: [your full email address]
password: [your email password]

Once you login to Webmail, you can then pick which email reader interface you would like to use.  We give you two choices:


Horde is an easy to use email interface.

Horde User Guide


Roundcube webmail is a modern, webmail solution.

Roundcube User Guide

Which one you choose depends entirely on your personal preference. If you have any questions about using webmail, please let us know.



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