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Obits, Memorials or Guestbook have "strange" (ex. “â€) characters

UPDATE 9/5/2016:  We have now fixed this issue by upgrading the Text Editing Tool.  When you log into the Administration Center you will now have a new fully-featured text editing tool.

Have you seen these types of characters (“â€) in your guestbook posts, specifically when you click on the Printer-Friendly Version of the Online Obituary and Tributes page? This is most likely cause by copying text from Word or any other Office-type application that uses text formating and then pasting that text into the Obits Tool. If your original text contains characters like: “ or ” (the curly versions) then this will get copied over as an unrecognizeable character. Currently, the only way to remedy this situation is to go in and edit out those characters by replacing them with the plain " quote versions. We are working towards an automated process to correct this in the future.

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