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Help! I'm getting "Page Not Found" for my Facebook Page!

Are you getting a "Page not Found" error when clicking on your FB icon and you are not logged into FB?  Well, it will be because your Business Page is set up with the dfault access restrictions.  Here is how you can fix that.

How do I make my Facebook business page visible to the public?

There is one simple fix to allow all users to view your Facebook pages when they are not authenticated. In principle, you need to set your facebook page permissions to have no age restrictions. I have split this into 3 steps for your simplicity. To complete these steps  you will need to be the Admin of the Facebook page (Business page or personal page).

Step 1) Access your Facebook page and click “Edit Page”

You have to be editing the relevant Facebook page’s settings and permissions as there is no point setting your own user settings!

Step 1 of 3 to making your business page public - Click edit page

Step 2) Set the age restriction to anyone (13+)

This means anyone can access your page, so, when a non logged in user accesses your page, then there is now no longer a need to hide your page or validate/authenticate the user.

Step 2 of 3 to making your facebook page public to non logged in users - set the age restrictions

Step 3) Save your settings to make your Facebook page publicly accessible!

You need to click “Save Settings” to apply your new fix.

Step 3 of 3 to make your facebook account public - Save Settings

All done! You can now log out of your facebook account completely and then try and access your Facebook page using your page’s URL. Voila, you will now see your page as opposed to the Facebook homepage!


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