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Extra Google My Business Pages - Why are they there and what should I do about them?

Where did the extra pages come from?

Google sets up a business listing for your practice based on information they pull from a variety of sources including public records. Oftentimes, as their technology pulls from different data bases, it will create a business listing for each of your doctors as well as a listing for the practice as a whole.


Sometimes, a listing will be created as the business’ name was recorded slightly differently in different data bases or the address was listed differently or in error.


What should you do about the extra pages?

Having multiple Google pages can negatively impact your Search Engine Optimization if they are not correctly handled. There are two different methods for addressing the extra pages.

  1. Claim and delete the extra pages. Once you have claimed the listing and have verified that you are the business owner, you will find the option to delete the page at the bottom of the “settings” page. *Note: It is possible that, when Google updates business listings, it will re-create the extra pages.
  2. Downgrade the pages. When you find the extra pages, if they are specific to each of your doctors, instead of claiming the page, make an editing recommendation. Typically, the business listing is set up to link to your website’s home page. You would instead make the recommendation that the Google My Business page links to the biography page specific for the doctor for whom the page was created. For example, if the extra Google page you found is for Dr. Johnson, you would recommend that the website associated with that Google page is his or her bio page (maybe the link would be something like: abcvetclinic.com/johnsonbio/).   *Note: If you have just one page where all of the doctor’s bios reside, it is okay to have all of the extra Google pages link to that bio page. Your SEO will remain unaffected as long as they are not linking to your home page.


If you are needing assistance claiming and updating your business listings on Google or the other major search engines and review websites, our ORM program may be a good fit for you – contact our Online Reputation Managing Specialist, Alicia Klein, for more information. alicia@beyondindigo.com

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