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How do I get in touch with other Beyond Indigo Staff?

Do you need to talk to Sales and Marketing?  ORM, SEO, or your friendly neighborhood blogging expert?  Here are the details of how to get in touch with them below:

Technical Support

Eric Hellmann, Technical Support Manager
Handles email problems, server problems, domain name issues, etc.
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 ext 308
[email protected]

Noelle Beaudin, Help Desk Manager
Handles changes to websites, any customer support related issues and questions.
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 ext 321
[email protected]


Sales and Marketing
(especially handy if you want to know about upgrading your website or would like to pursue an updated "look and feel").

Meliisa Neff, Marketing & Sales Manager
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 ext 100
[email protected]


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Brooke Wheeler
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 ext 327
[email protected]


Reviews/Online Review Management
Ann Pearson
ORM Specialist
Beyond Indigo
877-244-9322 ext 322
[email protected]


Kate Matthews
Blog Manager
877-244-9322 ext 323
[email protected]


Questions or Problems
Jeanne Pelletier
877-244-9322 ext 222
[email protected]



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