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Feeling blogged down? Did you just get your blog installed? Or are you finally getting around to your first post and not sure where to start?

Never fear! We’ve got your back…

DIY Blogging Tips

Beyond Indigo’s intrepid blogger-in-chief, Kate Matthews has a few handy-dandy webinars for you to watch:


  1. Wordpress 101: This YouTube video covers most of what is discussed in a training session. From inserting a photo to filling out your SEO worksheet, this is the most up-to-date webinar we have on the WordPress experience at the moment.


  1. Writing With Keywords: This short tutorial covers the importance of keyword strategy in blogging and how to use your keywords to optimize your SEO. Don’t know what “Keyword Strategy” is? Then follow this link to learn:


  1. A Little Bit of Everything… If you’re not sure what you need, this may be the place to start. Beyond Indigo’s 8-part YT series on blogging is a great primer on the nuts and bolts of blogging. While a few of the pieces may be a little outdated for your blog (newer blogs will have a different way to justify photos, but that’s covered in the WP101 tutorial above), this is a great starter kit for the novice blogger.


Hire Us Instead!

Maybe you’d rather just hire our blogging team instead of tackling the DIY approach? Beyond Indigo has an amazing team of bloggers, editors and WordPress monkey’s just dying to blog for your practice. We even have a veterinarian on our writing team to ensure that our work is technically accurate and on-point with the latest developments in veterinary medicine.

Here are our offerings:

  1. Ala carte blogging package: 4 blogs per-month ($799) or 2 blogs per-month ($399)... if you don’t already have a blog installed on your site, we can do that too ($500).
  2. Become a High Density SEO client and receive 4 blogs per-month as part of that service.
  3. Become a Social Marketing client. Basic Marketing clients receive 1 blog per-month, and Premier Marketing clients receive 4 blogs per-month.

We hope that the video’s provided will help you find the answers you’re are looking for! However, if you still need help, just submit a ticket to the help desk, and Noelle can put you in touch with the lovely Miss Kate.


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