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Staff Tool Photo Uploads

The new Staff Tool in the Admin Panel is a great way to add, remove and change Staff bios and pictures.  This Tool is accessible through the Admin Panel and acts much like any online editor.  However, there is one drawback that everyone needs to be aware of.  If you are trying to upload a staff photo that is a large file size - anything over 5MB - you may get a timeout and the photo will not upload.  You won't see an error because error reporting is turned off.  You'll just see that the photo will not upload.

To rememy this situation, please:

1. Ensure that the file size is no larger than 5MB.

2. If it is, try using a photo editing utility to crop it or resize to a smaller size (such as 800 x 400 pixels).  Save it out and try again.  If you are still experiencing issues, there may be another problem we are not aware of so please submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

Don't know about photo editing software?

There are many freely available utilities for editing photos and graphics.  Some of the best are listed here:



If you're experiencing any other issues with the Staff Tool, please let us know.  We appreciate your feedback and want to make all our Tools better with each new version.

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