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Are you getting "Undeliverable Mail" when trying to send a response to the Help Desk or other Beyond Indigo Staff?

Are you getting an "Undeliverable Mail" message when attempting to reply to the Help Desk or other Beyond Indigo staff?  Different Microsoft email services (such as Hotmail, etc.) may reject your attempts to send email to @beyonindigo.com addresses because of our spam filtering service.  Hotmail in particular has been used by many spammers in the past and as a result, beyonindigo.com address may be blocked or undeliverable because it may be automatically detected as spam.

If you haven't received a response from the Help Desk on an outstanding issue, then you may have this issue.  Please notify Hotmail/Microsoft immediately of the problem.  To get in touch with BI, you can contact us on 1 877 244 9322.

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