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Browser Compliance

Beyond Indigo supports the following browsers:

Picking a browser Desktop:

Internet Explorer 11 (only)*

Google Chrome - latest version

Mozilla Firefox - latest version

Apple Safari - latest version


Mobile Devices:

iPhone and iPad: Safari + IOS - latest version

Andriod OS (and OS 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4.4 KitKat): Chrome - latest version


*A note about Internet Explorer.  We realize that many of our client's offices still use IE9 and IE10, some are still on IE8.  We highly recommend that you upgrade to IE11.  IE11 is faster, renders websites better, and has improved security and privacy features.  If you are going to continue to use IE as your go-to browser, then why not upgrade for free to the latest version?


Not sure what browser you are using?  Find out here.



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