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Beyond Indigo Tools available to Clients for Free

Beyond Indigo offer Tools that allow you to add/edit/delete information on your website without the aid of the Help Desk.  Tools are free to existing Clients.  If you would like any Tools installed for use on your website, you just need to submit a Help Desk tickt requesting the Tools you want.  Here is a list of the Tools and a brief overview.  In depth information about each Tool can be found by watching the instructional Tools videos on YouTube.

Adoptions Tool

Network with local humane societies and adoption centers for pet adoptions, or list your own clinic and the pets you have available.

Employment Tool

Add employment opportunities yourself to post on your website.

Events Tool

Create events and broadcast them on your website for you clients to read.

Light a Candle Tool

Light a candle in memory of a loved one.

Link Tool
Manage your own links and pet resource information

Pet Picture Gallery Tool

Add a picture gallery to your website so that you and your clients can add pet pictures.

Pet of the Month

Feature a Pet of the Month for adoption or as a Case Study.

Pet Memorial Wall

Your clients can post memorials for their pets

Pet Loss Library

A collection of articles to help clients cope with the loss of a pet.

News Tool

Add News articles and announcements.

Newsletter Upload Tool

Upload your businesses' Newsletters for clients to view/download.

Specials Tool (Coupons and Promotions Tool)

Publish specials, coupons or other promotional information for your business.

Staff Tool

Add/edit/delete staff bios and pictures.

Testimonials Tool

Easily add/remove/edit testimonials to your site.


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