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FREE - Schedule an Appointment Button

Would you like to have a Schedule an Appointment button on your website? 

Beyond Indigo offers this service free of charge.  This means you don't have to pay to bring in a third-party company to offer this service to your clients.

To request this extra on your website, just Submit a New Ticket and request "Schedule an Appointment" button.  These forms usually only take 48 hours to implement as long as they are standard.  What is the standard?  Take a look at:  http://www.hefnerroadanimalhospital.com/forms/appointment.html  This example form is what you would get on your website free of charge.  Highly customized forms (i.e. request a certain Doctor, etc.) can be done and depending on your subscription may be free or at a slight cost.

Form data is collected in your Admin panel and we can figure one or a number of emails that the data is submitted to.

Implement this extra feature today on your website and you'll start making it easier for your clients to schedule appointments with your organization.

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