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Beyond Indigo Bulk Email Policy

Beyond Indigo mail services are intended for normal mail usage, not mass mailings, which require specific safeguards in order not to be flagged as spam. All accounts on our servers have a hard limit of 500 emails per hour.

We do not permit sending bulk email unless it is through a program adheres to all good practices for sending mass mailings. The two primary considerations are that mailings must include an unsubscribe link and the email program must provide for removal of bounced email addresses. It has been our experience that some office practice software does not provide either of these, and therefore cannot be used for this purpose. 

The reason for this is that on a shared server, your email actions affect not only your account, but all of our other customers co-located on your server. Recipients of unsolicited email can complain to their ISP if there is no unsubscribe process listed, which can result in ban on all mail from our server. Also, if a server repeatedly sends mail to nonexistent email accounts, it can trigger a security ban from some anti-spam services. Unfortunately, spammers have made it difficult for everyone. 


1. Check with your office software provider and see if the bulk mailing provides an unsubscribe link, bounce management and can work within the 500 email per hour limit. If so, it is permissible for you to use it. Please submit a help desk ticket if you need assistance.

2. You can use our newsletter software which does provide the appropriate safeguards. You can choose from self-serve options which start at $20/month and range to full-service plans where we will write and send your bulk email for you. Please contact us to learn more.

3. Use a third-party email server or service.

If you use a third-party mail server, please check with them about their bulk mail policies.

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